How could you possibly have fun working on projections?

Recently I was giving a workshop on budgets and projections.

Before you hit the escape key, bear with me for just a couple of sentences.

At the beginning of the evening, the woman who organized the program said, “How I hate projections—can’t deal!”

By the end, everyone had a great time—had fun and even the “hater” was smiling and looking at them in a new way!

And looking at them in a new way is the way to make them exciting, even enjoyable.

If you’re like most people, numbers have always been work–something you really should do, right?

What if you look at them as a chance to play?

To see “what if,” without anyone telling you that you’re crazy?

What if I…

Made a million dollars, or ten, or a hundred.

What if I…

Paid myself. Paid myself more. Paid myself a lot more.

What if I…

Hired a _____. Bought a building, raised my prices.

Projections can tell you all that and more.

In a safe environment where you have a chance to play with ideas and those big audacious goals you have for your business.

With projections, you can do anything!

Start by making a copy of your budget. Try some of your “what if…” ideas. See what happens with the bottom line. See what works. When you’ve played with it enough, you’ll have a clear path to achieving your goals.

Whatever they are.

Like budgets, projections can be as simple or as complex as you’d like them to be.

Whatever works for you.

If it still seems like work and/or you’re wondering how this could possibly be fun, give me a call 917-825-4499.

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Let me show you how to have fun and get to your what if….

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