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Priority or Procrastination? How to Get Back on Track

Is it a priority or a form of procrastination?  Recently, I was working with someone who has a cookie company. She makes great cookies and is working to expand her brand. A new distributer is going to test market the cookies, which would give her distribution throughout the East Coast and really increase her [...]

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Follow Up: Just do it!

Follow up.  How many people/things do you have to follow up on right now? How many do you remember? One of the biggest complaints I hear about artisanal producers is that they don’t follow-up. That they’re flaky. I used to argue about it—might have just been a couple of bad incidents. Not anymore. If [...]

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Aren’t You Worth It? Your Personal ROI

ROI – return on investment. What is the ROI on you-your time? Do you ever think about that when you’re in the car going somewhere? Making a delivery. Seeing a client. Working with your manufacturers. Doing a tasting. There are definitely times and places where the owner/founder needs to be. But there are just [...]

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