The 3 Worst Words In Business

Space. Overhead. Inventory. These are bad words in business. So why do so many business owners want them? I’ve been asked recently to look at a couple of business plans. Both business owners want to expand – that’s a good thing, if it’s justified. But, both business owners want to buy [...]

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Do You Want to Sell Your Business?

Recently, a woman I know called for some advice on selling her business. She had decided that it was time to sell. Timeframe—the next 2 years. Her company isn’t in the best shape, they recently lost a very big client. Which triggered the decision to finally sell. Although this might sound like an exit [...]

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Why it’s Never Too Early to Have an Exit Strategy

Exit strategy. Most business owners have an idea that their business will eventually end with a brilliant finish – a sale, acquisition or IPO. It’s like thinking Prince Charming is going to come on a big white horse, sweep you off your feet and you’ll live happily ever after. Pretty picture, not likely to [...]

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Follow Up: Just do it!

Follow up.  How many people/things do you have to follow up on right now? How many do you remember? One of the biggest complaints I hear about artisanal producers is that they don’t follow-up. That they’re flaky. I used to argue about it—might have just been a couple of bad incidents. Not anymore. If [...]

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Aren’t You Worth It? Your Personal ROI

ROI – return on investment. What is the ROI on you-your time? Do you ever think about that when you’re in the car going somewhere? Making a delivery. Seeing a client. Working with your manufacturers. Doing a tasting. There are definitely times and places where the owner/founder needs to be. But there are just [...]

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A Simple Tip to Organize Business Expenses

Keeping track of business expenses is a pain. Got a million things to do, a big presentation, or some huge deadline. Nervous. Frantic. Busy, busy, busy. And you’re… Doing everything but what you need to be doing. Organizing whatever. We’ve all been there. Today I found stuff on my website that needed to be [...]

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