Is it a priority or a form of procrastination? 

Recently, I was working with someone who has a cookie company.

She makes great cookies and is working to expand her brand. A new distributer is going to test market the cookies, which would give her distribution throughout the East Coast and really increase her wholesale business.

So, is her priority working on cementing the deal?

Making her cookies (more) irresistible– the best cookies these guys have ever carried?


She’s working on her logo.

Her rationale?

Because it’s impossible for her to be in all the stores they’ll be selling to, she won’t be able to do tastings.

While tastings are important, there are work-arounds for that.

But she’s not thinking about that.

She’s focused on the logo.

It’s a fine logo. And her packaging is fine–not the best you’ll ever see, nor the worst.

We all drift off. 

Start projects, hit the Internet, find diversions when we should be focused on something more important, more critical towards building our businesses.

Before I started editing this piece, I found myself drifting towards Facebook.

Not to do something smart for my business, but to comment on something stupid.

This time, I caught myself in time.

And made this piece my priority.

We can all make to-do lists, but how do you really know what to prioritize?

It’s what brings in the bucks.

What brings in the bucks quickly.

What brings in the biggest bucks.

What brings in the most profitable bucks.

That’s where your focus starts.

Since we’re all human, we know that we’re not going to be 100% focused 100% of the time, so how do you focus—make something a priority?

Here are two other steps I’d encourage you to take: 

I’ve found that rewards help me.

If I do ___, finish ____ I can fool around on FB for a few minutes.

Or call a friend. Do lunch. Make a cup of tea and have a cookie.

My other strategy is to break down tasks into small pieces—short amounts of time.

When the clock is ticking, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in say 10 minutes.

And it’s done.

And you feel accomplished.

What are some of your strategies? Let us know in the comments.

And if you need someone to help you focus, figure out priorities, give me a call 917-825-4499 or shoot me an email

I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish ____.

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