Follow up. 

How many people/things do you have to follow up on right now?

How many do you remember?

One of the biggest complaints I hear about artisanal producers is that they don’t follow-up.

That they’re flaky.

I used to argue about it—might have just been a couple of bad incidents.

Not anymore.

If there’s anything that could tank a business, it’s lack of follow up.

Yes, we’re all really busy.

And, yes, we’re all guilty of not following up with someone, or as quickly as we should.

It’s important! 

Especially if you believe the statistics.

They say it takes 5-7 attempts (touchpoints) to make contact with someone.

If you meet someone at an event, that’s one.

Then you may or may not contact them afterwards.

I find if I don’t get to it the next day, it’s never going to happen.

So, I try to get to it right away.

Before it becomes a time-suck, worrying about who or what I have to do.

And, figuring out when I’m going to do it.

What’s a good time?

By the time I’ve figured that out, I could have made a call, sent an email.

Currently, I’m waiting to hear back from two vendors I met recently. I’ve offered them both the chance to be on my radio show (and if anyone reading this would like to be a guest, just let me know).

In conversations, they’ve both been very eager.

But not eager enough to respond to 2-3 follow-up emails.

Normally, I’d give them both one more chance and move on. My time is valuable.

In the interest of seeing if the 7 attempts actually works, I’ll give them the seven.

What about you? Are you a one-and-done person or do you pursue?

How do you pursue? How has it helped build your business?

Will you share some advice in the comments?

If you need help with this or have any questions, contact me, I’ll follow up, I promise, but you’ve got to click that button!

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