Anne Maxfield event client


A successful and well-established NYC-based event and training production company hired me as an interim CFO.
The partners were divided as to the feasibility of hiring a much-needed salesperson.


  • While creating projections for them, I also created a quick budget to review their financial history. In their office one afternoon, someone asked what that was. They were extremely conscious about setting yearly goals but budgets had never in their 20-year history been a part of that.


  • When the budgets and projections were finished, I had a long meeting with the partners and key personnel to review them and show them what to look for going forward.
  • With all that, they were confident they could hire a salesperson – done! The partners also had a road map for meeting their goals, which they easily did.


  • Now that the executives are comfortable looking at budgets and projections, it’s easy for them to refine them and focus the company towards their ultimate goal.
  • This was the second part of my project – creating and executing an exit strategy in the next year. And they’re happily on track to do just that!

“Anne was tasked with creating projections that would show whether we were in a position to hire one or more salespeople. Through the projections, she laid out a clear path to follow for hiring what we needed, as well as what we would require for growth, and to reach our long-term goals. As part of the project she gave us the first budgets we’d had in 21 years!

Anne explained everything in a manner that made it easy for everyone involved to understand. Since the project was completed, we have hired the first salesperson, are interviewing for the second, and are on track to make our goals a reality.

I would highly recommend Anne. Along with her ability to make financials accessible (and almost fun), she is a great idea person and has an extensive background in building and hiring teams.”

If you’d like more information on this project, or to talk (confidentially) about an exit strategy for your business, contact me.