Is Support for Local Business Baloney? A Baker Blindsided

Shop local. Every day the message goes out about supporting local business. But the one place that you would think would be most adamant about helping local businesses, is often the place that gives [...]

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It’s Not Really Beach Reading But…

Everyone’s idea of beach reading is different. While some of us may prefer some mindless (but well written) fiction, others may use the time to catch up on some books to help you grow [...]

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From Zero to a Million: How to Plan for Growth

Not long ago, I was giving a workshop on budgets and financials.  During the Q&A an audience member asked about costing for future growth. It was a great question and something we don’t think [...]

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Priority or Procrastination? How to Get Back on Track

Is it a priority or a form of procrastination?  Recently, I was working with someone who has a cookie company. She makes great cookies and is working to expand her brand. A new distributer [...]

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Hop to it! 3 Steps to Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning With the (hopeful) coming of spring, thoughts go to spring cleaning. What about spring cleaning your business?  Specifically, all that financial stuff you generally think that you’ll get to. And don’t.  Now [...]

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Pricing Yourself: Pricing Services

Pricing services Last month we looked at ways to figure out what to charge for your services. While the most important starting point is knowing who your ideal client is, of course there are [...]

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