ROI – return on investment.

What is the ROI on you-your time?

Do you ever think about that when you’re in the car going somewhere?

Making a delivery.

Seeing a client.

Working with your manufacturers.

Doing a tasting.

There are definitely times and places where the owner/founder needs to be.

But there are just as many times when you need to delegate.

If delegating is out of the question you need to stop and think, am I worth it?

Manning a booth.

We don’t often stop to think about the ROI on ourselves.

But we should.

A friend of mine recently made an appearance to do a tasting at a local store.

While the store was local to me, it wasn’t to her.

In good weather, it was a two-hour drive in each direction.

That morning the weather was awful! Pouring rain, which added another hour in each direction to her commute.

Just driving, she was up to six hours.

If she stayed at the tasting for two hours, that’s eight hours she spent to promote her product at this one small store.

One whole working day (for 9-5 people, not entrepreneurs).

She might have helped sell a lot of product if there was good foot traffic.

But even if it hadn’t been raining (hard), how many people would she be in touch with?

Do you think those eight hours could have been better spent?

Get better ROI on her time?

What if she had spent a couple of hours on social media? Building her presence.

Run a promotion online.

How many more people could she have reached?

How about spending two more hours on sales? Contacting new buyers.

Following up with others.

Sending out samples (or better still, getting a list together and giving it to someone else to send out).

An hour reviewing financials. Is she still on track?

An hour doing what she loves – product development. Creating new products, tweaking existing recipes, looking at packaging.

And finally, two hours in a comfortable chair, streaming a movie.

Because we all need some down time.

So, the next time before you commit, ask yourself, is this the best use of your time?

Your best ROI?

If you need help with this or have any questions, contact me, I’m here to make it pleasurable and give you the best ROI on everything!

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