It’s never easy.

You struggle to launch—finding funds, getting your product noticed, creating a customer base, hiring your first employees.

Building it is exciting, the first million, customer excitement, colleagues you can depend on.

And, when you finally execute your exit plan, a sense of accomplishment — you’ve met your goals.

Rosy picture, but what it doesn’t show is all the stuff you have to deal with along the way.


I know because I’ve been there. Started a business. Created a niche industry. Built it to a multimillion dollar company. Exited by selling to a larger corporation.

Been there, done that.
And now I’m here for you.

If you’re struggling with finances, I can help. My background was design. I started a business and learned (the hard way) how to read a P&L, create budgets and projections, and more importantly make it all work for me!

Anne Maxfield here for you