It’s Not Really Beach Reading But…

Everyone’s idea of beach reading is different. While some of us may prefer some mindless (but well written) fiction, others may use the time to catch up on some books to help you grow [...]

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Do You Want to Sell Your Business?

Recently, a woman I know called for some advice on selling her business. She had decided that it was time to sell. Timeframe—the next 2 years. Her company isn’t in the best shape, they [...]

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Why it’s Never Too Early to Have an Exit Strategy

Exit strategy. Most business owners have an idea that their business will eventually end with a brilliant finish – a sale, acquisition or IPO. It’s like thinking Prince Charming is going to come on [...]

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Follow Up: Just do it!

Follow up.  How many people/things do you have to follow up on right now? How many do you remember? One of the biggest complaints I hear about artisanal producers is that they don’t follow-up. [...]

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Aren’t You Worth It? Your Personal ROI

ROI – return on investment. What is the ROI on you-your time? Do you ever think about that when you’re in the car going somewhere? Making a delivery. Seeing a client. Working with your [...]

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A Simple Tip to Organize Business Expenses

Keeping track of business expenses is a pain. Got a million things to do, a big presentation, or some huge deadline. Nervous. Frantic. Busy, busy, busy. And you’re… Doing everything but what you need [...]

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