Priority or Procrastination? How to Get Back on Track

Is it a priority or a form of procrastination?  Recently, I was working with someone who has a cookie company. She makes great cookies and is working to expand her brand. A new distributer [...]

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Hop to it! 3 Steps to Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning With the (hopeful) coming of spring, thoughts go to spring cleaning. What about spring cleaning your business?  Specifically, all that financial stuff you generally think that you’ll get to. And don’t.  Now [...]

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Pricing Yourself: Pricing Services

Pricing services Last month we looked at ways to figure out what to charge for your services. While the most important starting point is knowing who your ideal client is, of course there are [...]

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Pricing Yourself

What should I charge for my services?  Recently a couple of people have asked me about pricing themselves—what should they charge for their services? Like a lot of other things that happen when you’re [...]

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3 Minutes to Understand Your Business Financial Reports

Do you look at the financial reports for your business or put off as long as you can? You’re not sure what it all means. You’re afraid if you ask for help, someone will think [...]

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The Best Way to Make Projections Quick, Easy & Fun

How could you possibly have fun working on projections? Recently I was giving a workshop on budgets and projections. Before you hit the escape key, bear with me for just a couple of sentences. [...]

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