3 Minutes to Understand Your Business Financial Reports

Do you look at the financial reports for your business or put off as long as you can? You’re not sure what it all means. You’re afraid if you ask for help, someone will think [...]

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The Best Way to Make Projections Quick, Easy & Fun

How could you possibly have fun working on projections? Recently I was giving a workshop on budgets and projections. Before you hit the escape key, bear with me for just a couple of sentences. [...]

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A 60 Minute Budget You’ll Actually Use

No matter what your business is, having a budget will help you succeed.  I've been working on a presentation about budgets. Making them easy, accessible and useful. You know you need one. And you [...]

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The 3 Worst Words In Business

Space. Overhead. Inventory. These are bad words in business. So why do so many business owners want them? I’ve been asked recently to look at a couple of business plans. Both [...]

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It’s Not Really Beach Reading But…

Everyone’s idea of beach reading is different. While some of us may prefer some mindless (but well written) fiction, others may use the time to catch up on some books to help you grow [...]

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Do You Want to Sell Your Business?

Recently, a woman I know called for some advice on selling her business. She had decided that it was time to sell. Timeframe—the next 2 years. Her company isn’t in the best shape, they [...]

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